Singapore Art Book Fair is an annual book fair specialising in contemporary art books and zines.

International publishers, distributors and retailers are invited to be part of the Singapore Art Book Fair. Visitors will include buyers and art book enthusiasts interested in gaining access and connection to the Asian world and art book buyers. Other art-related fringe activities such as film screenings, workshops, talks will also be taking place.

The second art book fair will again be held at Gillman Barracks-a former military camp converted into Asia’s up and coming destination for contemporary art. This time, the Singapore Art Book Fair aims to bring in at least 50 vendors, both local and international, to amplify the entire experience.

Admission for Singapore Art Book Fair 2014 is free.


Thu, 13 Nov


  • Performance by VOX


6pm - 9pm
  • {CuRiOuS tYpE} Workshop by SP Design School

CCA Programmes

7.30pm - 9pm

Performance: An alternative ensemble: articles of music

Bani Haykal (CCA Artist-in-Residence)

Venue: Block 37 Malan Road, Studio #01-03, Gillman Barracks

Fri, 14 Nov


  • Performance by The Observatory


  • {CuRiOuS tYpE} Workshop by SP Design School

Sat, 15 Nov


  • {CuRiOuS tYpE} Workshop by SP Design School

CCA Programmes

11am - 1pm

Talk: Sister publications

Aimee Lin (Editorial Director, ArtReview Asia)

4pm - 6pm

Talk: Self-publishing in Singapore

Kimberly Shen (Curator, Editor, Ellipsis Journal) & Melvin Tan (Artist, Graphic Designer)

6.30pm - 8.30pm

Talk: Discursive approaches in publishing

Magdalena Magiera (Curator and Editor, mono.kultur)

Sun, 16 Nov


  • {CuRiOuS tYpE} Workshop by SP Design School

CCA Programmes

11am - 1pm

Talk: Artist as Writer

Charwei Tsai (Artist, Co-founder Lovely Daze)

4pm - 6pm

Talk: Printing for the streets

The Nước Mía Printing Press Project

Film Screenings

CCA Permanent Presentations


APD is founded in Singapore in 1990, and represents leading publishers globally. Besides running a specialist Art and Design publishing company for Thames and Hudson, they are also the leading independent book distributor in Southeast Asia, working with major publishing sectors including Art and Design, Heritage and Culture, as well as Schools Educational supply.
Afterglobe is a Singapore-based art and literary travel magazine, self-published twice a year. Their publication's core is about sharing that human experience of travel—about sharing one’s vantage point (literally, figuratively, emotionally, metaphorically, etc.) and giving others a window from which they can look out of.
Allscript was founded in 1991 to deliver unique and inspiring content to the hands of our readers. Now in its 23rd year, Allscript gives discerning readers a modern take on the traditional newsstand with a curated range of hard to find independent titles next to traditional favourites.
AlsOdoMinie is the boutique arm of Dominie Press, specialising in innovative projects that require out of the box solutions.
Cooltiger Ltd
Cooltiger Ltd is a graphic design company based in Japan. They believe that every creative work starts with basic analog tools - the hands.
Delere Press
Delere Press is a boutique press that publishes books – exploring ideas, notions, philosophies – which look pretty. For, thoughts are beautiful. And no, this does not mean they merely dress them up. This is no botox press. This is full on plastic surgery.
Epigram Books
Epigram Books is an independent publisher based in Singapore, known for putting together exquisitely-designed and thought-provoking titles.
Ethos Books
Ethos Books is an imprint of Pagesetters Services Pte Ltd. that aims to give voice to both emerging and established writers. It also publishes books on history, culture, politics, and etc., thereby nurturing the growing literary community in Singapore.
Galavant is an annual art and literature print publication that collaborates with multiple artists to initiate new work for each issue. With a thematic direction, the magazine calls in and approaches both emerging and established artists to create new works that respond to each other.
Gestalten specialises in developing content for aficionados of cutting-edge visual culture worldwide. They explore works regarding the interrelationship of design, art, architecture, photography and other visual disciplines, along with popular culture and music.
Grey Projects
Grey Projects is a space and an idea. They are also a residency, a library, a gallery, a studio, a publisher and a small group of individuals making room for fresh art thinking and experimentation.
Atelier Hoko
Atelier Hoko (2009) is an independent design research lab focusing on investigations towards material and immaterial conditions that make up their experience of the everyday. Part of design studio, HOKO founded in 2002 by Alvin Ho and Clara Koh. is an art collective by a family of four. 40 year-old Mom, Claire; 10 year old Dreamer, Renn; 8 year old Romantic, Aira; and 41 year old Dad, Pann. They believe that expression is an art-form, manifesting in many ways, and relentlessly conjure up all things strange, odd and even nonsensical.
Kitchen Label
Kitchen Label is a Singapore and Tokyo-based independent record label, publisher and creative studio focusing on music and contemporary art through records, art books and multiples. Like the roving eye of the flâneur in Baudelaire finding solace in bittersweet juxtapositions of urban life, Kitchen. Label documents momentary flickers of melancholic beauty in unlikely environments.
Knuckles and Notch
Knuckles and Notch is a design + risograph press based in Singapore whose approach in their practice involves a fervent appreciation for all things that exist beyond the boundaries of normalcy.
Kult conceptualises, generates and curates creative content by utilizing multi-disciplinary creative talent from around the world.
La Libreria
La Libreria founded in Singapore in 2014 to promote contemporary book arts as well as supporting artists who make books as art pieces. LA LIBRERIA is a centre for teaching book-making and book arts and an online basis retailer for artists’ books.
Loveprint is a collective of independent magazines from the Middle East. It includes: The Carton, a print periodical detailing the story of Middle Eastern culture through food; The Outpost, a magazine of possibilities for a changing Arab World; THE STATE, an experimental publishing practice based out of Dubai; WT'D, an interactive architecture and design magazine.
Lowave has been a publishing house in the field of experimental cinema and video art since 2002. A platform for curatorial research, they feature works that reach an international scope, while strongly valuing emerging artists and the implementation of interdisciplinary and intercultural crossings.
Magpie is for magazine lovers, by magazine lovers. They sell a constantly curated selection of independent magazines online and at pop-ups, bringing both new and established titles to life through unique collaborations, taking them from the newsstand to your doorstep.
Math Paper Press
Math Paper Press (est. 2005), an imprint of BooksActually, is a small
press publisher of poetry, new wave novellas, full-length novels, and essays.
Its eclectic range of literary and visual works also includes photography
collections, memoirs and young adult fiction.
Nathan Yong
Nathan Yong ’s new book, titled BEING: The Thoughts and Work of Nathan Yong, 2006-2014, is an account of the creative journey that reveals his creative struggles, consideration for the end-user and hope for greater expression in Asian design and materials.
Nguan's photographs are about big city yearning, ordinary fantasies and emotional globalization. He has published two books: Shibuya (2010) and How Loneliness Goes (2013).
Olivia Lee
Olivia Lee will be unveiling a sketchbook inspired by artists for artists. The Golden Rules: A Divine Sketchbook is designed with grids based on the golden proportion -- an ancient Greek mathematical principle said to hold the secret to beauty.
Original Studio
Original Studio is a multidisciplinary creative studio based in Singapore and Beijing that specialises in film and print. They believe in the power of ideas – every great piece of work starts from one brilliant idea.
Paperbricks Design
Paperbricks Design is the brainchild of Singapore paper model/craft designer Ricky Soh. His passion is in creating paper models and paper craft based on our rich Singapore cultural heritage.
Phaidon is the world's outstanding publisher of books in the creative arts. With over 1,500 titles in print, their exquisite books feature leading innovators in all areas of art, architecture, design, photography, cinema, travel and food.
Photovoice SG
Photovoice SG is a non profit arts organisation that harnesses the power of participatory photography to tell of hidden stories in Singapore. They believe in empowering fringe communities through photography.
Pipoca Press
Pipoca Press is an independent self-publisher based in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Their books are mostly printed with stamps and are always hand-sewn, sparked from the desire to and passion of producing their own stuff.
PUSH PRESS is a risograph printing press based in Singapore, running a 2-drum Risograph MZ 770 Duplicator. They are particularly interested in exploring the aesthetic, ideological, and technical potential of a Risograph for self-publication and production of small to medium-run printed matter in this part of the world.
Quaint Quarterly
Quaint Quarterly  is an independent print journal focused on long-form articles and lively illustrations, bringing unique ideas and challenging points of view to readers who are looking to go beyond what advertisement-based publications or social network algorithms determine to be of interest.
The Redundant Shop
The Redundant Shop was created with the intention to purvey inventions, design, and lifestyle for a refined society. We collaborates with craftsmen, designers and artists, promising only the best products.
Sarah & Schooling
Sarah & Schooling is a Singapore-based firm, specialising in graphic design. A partner with many local publishers, their work is seen on the covers of many zines and books.
Sokkuan Tye
Sokkuan Tye is an illustrator-artist who is debuting her first book, Sadako's Unfashionable Fashion Diary, at the Singapore Art Book Fair. Traversing the fields of design, fashion and art, the volume collects illustrations, photography, collage and writings centred around a quirky and misunderstood character called Sadako.
Scene Shang
Scene Shang is a lifestyle and design brand that offers homeware and furniture that combine, in new ways, contemporary with traditional, and East with West. Their philosophy stems from a delving into their roots in an immersive search for stories within the Asian culture, driving their designs for today’s modern homes.
ShangART is highly crucial to the development of contemporary art in China. Representing over 50 artists including Ding Yi, Yang Fudong and Zeng Fanzhi, the gallery is headed by gallery director, Lorenz Helbling, who is himself, quite a legend in the Chinese contemporary art world.
Singapore Memory Project
Singapore Memory Project is a whole-of-nation movement which aims to capture and document precious moments and memories related to Singapore; recollections not merely from individual Singaporeans, but also organisations, associations, companies and groups.
Squelchzines is an experiential craft studio based in Singapore that aims to share the freedom of self-expression while building an active community of unique creatives for exposures, opportunities, inspirations and learning.
Supermama is a little gallery shop based in Singapore. Here, they collect, create and curate meaningful objects, hoping to engage every shopper as an individual, curating a space to allow each to slow down.
The Letter J Supply
The Letter J Supply believes that words are powerful, and that art can change atmospheres. Having words expressed through the forms of calligraphy, typography and brush lettering, they hope to release joy and a sense of purpose through their art pieces.
Typesetting SG
Typesetting SG is a traditional letterpress studio that prints with physical types. Locking up of movable types, put into a chase and manually print each print individually with a printing press.
Underscore is an independent magazine attuned to a simple rhythm: quality of life.
Visual Inconsideraton
Visual Inconsideraton is a philosophy, a work ethic and a way of life. They love to get their brains ticking and their pencils sharp. With that said, they work hard and try not to take themselves too seriously.
Wheniwasfour is very much of a 'living' design studio and brand in the small town of Singapore. Through their quirky and childlike products, they hope people can feel the warmth and simple happiness.
Worldwide Books
Worldwide Books serves as a centralised source for a wide range of exhibition catalogues and other art books, along with Bernard Quaritch, Antiquarian Booksellers since 1847 and Books without Borders, the finest illustrated e-books on the web.


Official Opening

Fair Days

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Centre for Contemporary Art (CCA) Singapore

Blk 43 Malan Road, Gillman Barracks, Singapore 109443

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Getting Here
  • By Mrt Train

    Nearest MRT Train Station: Labrador Park (Circle Line station CC27)

    Exit Labrador Park station via Exit A towards Telok Blangah Road. Cross the overhead bridget located on the right of Exit A, and descend from the overhead bridge by taking the staircase on the right. Upon landing, turn around and walk back up Telok Blangah Road. At the first traffic junction, make a right turn onto Alexandra Road, and walk past two bus stops before turning right onto Malan Road. Walk all the way straight.

  • By Bus

    Nearest Bus Stop: Opposite Alexandra Point (Bus Stop Number: 15059)

    Take buses 51, 57, 61, 93, 97, 97e, 100, 120, 166, 175, 408, 963 or 963e, and alight at the bus stop opposite Alexandra Point along Alexandra Road. Turn left as you alight from the bus to walk back up Alexandra Road and turn right at Malan Road. Walk all the way straight.

  • By Car or Taxi

    Singapore Art Book Fair 2014 is accessible by car or taxi via Malan Road that is located along Alexandra Road. Parking facilities are available, and there is a taxi stand in front of Block 5.

  • Shuttle Service

    14 Nov (Fri) 

    7.00pm – 10.00pm
    No. of shuttle buses: 3

    15 Nov (Sat) 

    2.00pm – 6.00pm
    No. of shuttle buses: 2

    16 Nov (Sun)  

    12.00nn – 4.00pm
    No. of shuttle buses: 2

    Shuttle services will pick up passengers from Queenstown (exit B) and Harbourfront (exit D) MRT stations.
    For the 14th of Nov (Fri), the first shuttle service starts at 7:00pm from Google HQ to Gillman Barracks. Subsequent shuttle services will pick up paseengers from the MRT stations to Gillman Barracks and back.



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